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may 5, 2022

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--- the most pressing issues which I have seen recently, not being ukraine war, nor is it mandatory vaccines and covidiodicy

while those, in and of themselves, are distressing enough, these matters actually pale in comparison to those matters which I only just recently found out about, beginning with the stew peters interview of

Dr. Carrie Madej, M.D.

I saw the interview several months after it was first broadcast (click here for interview)

beginning with Dr. Madej’s interview I began to search through numerous well known standard reference sources regarding medicine and medical technologies and practices, with specific applications to the world of medical nanotechnology

I will not soon forget the weird feeling which I began to get as my research began and continued further and further down into a very deep “rabbit hole”, as it turned out

Dr. Madej and several others had made reference to research which had been done by a group of spanish doctors, led by one Dr. Pablo Campra (click here)

I also heard reference made to other corroborative work done by a group of german scientists, in addition to one Dr. Robert Young (click here), who had done some rather comprehensive and exhaustive spectroscopic analysis and other studies of the contents of what were labeled as vaccines, in small vials of apparently clear liquid

these so-called vaccines had already created quite a bit of controversy due to the fact that what has been labeled vaccine is in fact, no such thing at all

rather, it is what is known, in the medical world, as a messenger RNA gene therapy

it turns out, as best I am able to understand the matter, that an actual vaccine requires a small piece of the entire organism for which the vaccine is supposed to be providing protection

well, as it turns out, no one is able to tell what and where an actual covid 19 virus can be found from which to get such a sample

it has never been isolated, meaning, that there is, in actuality, no such thing in existence

whatever it is that first came out of labs is simply no longer extant,

exactly as would be expected with a genetically engineered organism

nature is notoriously brutal to these man made abominations

it is said that typically they are wiped out entirely, within nine months, as I am given to understand the matter

such that, I predicted, in writing, when this all began, that if the actual corona 19 genetically modified cold/flu virus was nowhere to be found in nine months, then we will know of a certainty that this little creature is a lab made creation

sure enough, such was the case

all gone in less than one year

but, such will certainly not suit those who need this chimeric creation (click here) (click here) in order to justify a very much pretended emergency, complete withnumerous draconian and unnecessary lockdowns, and forced testing, and forced clot shots, and such like

if you want to operate without restraint under the cover of a pretended emergency, guess what ---

you gotta have an emergency

but, here, in actual fact, there was none

the nursing home deaths in washington, new jersey, and new york, which first drew worldwide attention, were, in actual fact, intended to create the basis for one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated upon mankind

obamacare now having, quite unexpectedly, created a “public health system”, modeled after communist china, which is very unconstitutionally dictating to physicians in all 50 nation/states, who have, apparently, forgotten that they are 50 independent countries

and a pretended supreme court which has created an indelible stain upon this once highly regarded institution

but, alas, that is a matter for another time

I dug for information for weeks on end, which led in a number of different directions

because the way that I uncovered the facts is/was so chaotic, I will, here, tell the sum of the matter, without regard to the exact chronological order of my research results

it all began with some rather strange videos and photos which various persons posted on the internet

the regular suspects and naysayers and “fact checkers” quickly arose to the occasion to claim that it was all fake and that there is nothing to see here

of course, a favorite and oft repeated, technique of these persons is to pretend that they can prove a negative

here claiming to be able to prove what is not

this, in spite of the fact that it is a most fundamental rule of logic, and trial evidence, that one cannot prove a negative

it is like claiming that there is no such thing as a black swan

because, everybody knows that all swans are white, as they laugh derisively at you

they not having ever thought that just because they have not seen it does not mean that it does not exist

rather, it proves nothing more than the fact that these observers have never observed such a thing during their rather short and insignificant lifetimes

it actually says nothing about whether such is, in reality, the case

so, it was, here

all claimed that such a thing is simply not possible

after all, the big pharma manufacturers assured us that all is good, and all of the “public health” “experts” did and said the same and even all of the nutty professors and nauseating television talking heads, and even president trump, himself, all have assured us that all is good

and that such a thing as this simply cannot happen in these united states

once again, these would-be know-it-alls proclaiming that they know what is and what isn’t without regard to any possible or real new incoming facts

they having/showing numerous indications of having been brainwashed, along with the cult-like hive behavior so often associated with wild-eyed enthusiasts of so many bizarre and esoteric cults

cult =


1. a religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader

2. the following of such a religion or sect

3. a system or community of religious worship and ritual

I will leave it to you, dear reader, to draw whatever conclusions you will regarding just how cultlike these members of the so-called “world economic forum”, and their numerous enablers, are behaving

but, I must say, to my eyes, what passes for political party and party affiliation does seem to come under the express terms of this dictionary definition of cult

or, as I like to so often say, does the shoe fit?

if so, gotta own it, and wear it

here, the shoe fits like cinderella’s glass slipper

that is to say, a perfect fit

that, as an aside

so, getting back on course, it all began with first one video, then another, and then another

it was becoming too obvious to deny, for the rationally minded critical thinkers, that there sure are an awful lot of people supposing to be faking all of this

during the years and months leading up to these strange events there had been a large amount of controversy regarding the use of a substance known as graphene (click here) (click here) (click here) (click here), in vaccines

numerous peer reviewed journal articles had been written regarding this matter, with much discussion about the feasibility of use of this new substance in vaccines

because of this ongoing controversy regarding use of, or prevalence of use of, this substance named graphene, people who were aware of such a possibility were quick to realize that while graphene is non-magnetic in its “natural state”, it can be made to be magnetic by virtue of laying one layer upon another, while reversing the polarity of every other layer

this creates a sort of an induced magnetism

the observation of the moving magnetism, along with these known facts regarding graphene, caused a number of different, and otherwise unrelated lab technicians, from different parts of the world, to begin to search for what could possibly be causing this magnetism, which moves from the injection site and then from there to other parts of the body

so, I am, here, at first, confronted with the fact that there are medical and technical people, who, presumably have nothing to do with one another, all of whom are making similar observations

each is doing different things to the fluids in question, while all assert that they are each, independently, finding the same sort of, or similar, “things” inside these little vials marked with the label “vaccine” on them

as I began to consider this matter, I looked at it as if I were the judge or jury, known in the judicial world as “the finder of fact”

I initiallythought in terms of witness credibility, reliability, and believability

I looked at the three persons,

Dr. Pablo Campra,

Dr. Carrie Madej, M.D.,

and Dr. Robert Young,

as prospective expert witnesses

one of the three is running a university lab in spain

the other two have their own labs, and make their living doing laboratory analysis

Dr. Madej is an internist, one who advises doctors, and has 20 years of lab analysis experience, as well as having owned the largest medical lab in Georgia

I began to think in terms of trial evidence as I weighed the credibility and level of expertise of each witness

having done this for nearly 20 years for criminal and civil trials, I had a pretty good idea of the types of considerations with which one should be concerned about

upon completing this initial tentative and rather cursory examination, I was immediately struck by the fact that there were, here, three highly credible witnesses

I would consider using any one, or all three, as expert witnesses, with very little hesitation

this left me puzzled, because all three had claimed to find some rather strange things inside those little vials

I was, now, just about to dive headlong and deep into a world which I did not even realize exists

 the world of medical nanotechnology,

to be precise

but, here I am getting a little bit ahead of myself

I must first back up and make introductions with some very curious creatures, being created in university labs all across the land

a likely multi-billion dollar industry hidden from plain view

yes, welcome to the world of the transgenic hydra

I must admit, that upon first being introduced to this little creature found on Dr. Madej’s microscope slides, beneath the slip cover (a thin layer of glass which is intended to squish everything together, so that it may more readily be seen; what is in that little droplet of “vaccine” water, for example), I was not a little bit amazed

what Dr. Madej claimed to have seen twice, which she made contemporaneous photographs of, caused her to cry in despair upon more fully realizing exactly what this meant, or is likely to mean

yes, there it was, in plain sight, for all to see, a lab created life form floating around in the vial marked “vaccine”

all three had found graphene particles aplenty, in addition to self-assembling nanoparticles

very odd stuff, indeed, to be found in a pretended vaccine, which is being forced upon children and adults, with a religious-like zealotry, not often seen, modernly

in many ways, becoming the reinstitution of the spanish inquisition

same jesuits, no less; the vatican shock troops, calling themselves “the church militant”

of course, the presence of graphene would explain most, if not all, of the blood clotting effects and the myocarditis caused by these vaccines in many perfectly healthy young men

for example, over 400 young soccer players, all in the prime of life, and all of whom died or were badly injured following the injection of the clot shot

they were all at their peak strength, making no sense, whatsoever, without that one common denominator, the clot shot

graphene is described as being a one atom wide razor blade which slices everything it touches

and that without dissolving or being used up in the process

this is all taking place at the capillary level

the pieces of graphene will slice up the capillary bed while causing a localized form of disseminated intravascular coagulopathy, the dreaded DIC of trauma medicine, commonly associated with death by bleeding/exsanguination

so, now that I was confronted with a very credible witness claiming to have seen this creature, which is unrecognizable, I had to ask myself whether such a thing could even be possible

 welcome to the world of the microscopic transgenic hydra

yes, the lowly hydra has been elevated to the status of a rock star, due to it’s ability to regenerate itself

it is able to reproduce itself by “budding”, as it produces brand new stem cells continuously

therefore, it is said to be eternal

it being claimed that they simply do not die, except by toxicity in their water, or being eaten by some other microscopic creature or other

you have got to admit that this is a pretty amazing feat, but you have seen nothing yet

because you can take the hydra and cut it up into numerous pieces, and you guessed it, each will turn into a new hydra

take hydra parts and squish a pile of them into a ball and they will reform together to make a new hydra, only smaller

these various processes can give rise to many odd -looking shapes and sizes of creatures which are hydras that don’t look like hydras

it seems that these hydras can be put to numerous nefarious purposes, while it is being repeatedly and forcefully claimed that there is nothing to see here, and nothing to worry about

I am guessing that they are willfully ignorant of the concept of dual use technology

yes, victoria nuland, a ukrainian bioweapons lab and a bioweapons research facility can far too easily be one and the same thing, at the same time

here, our harmless and extremely beautiful little water creatures are being weaponized and put to numerous bizarre applications

a world within a world, within a world

with much research dollars being expended

= weapons systems


in this case

a field still in its early stages, but very scary in terms of potential misuse of such technologies

following the covid 19 plandemic, one can only wonder to what horrific uses such creatures could be put to by this crowd of would-be “godlets” pretending to be life creators, while being no such thing at all, but while convincing every one around you that such most certainly is the case

it was while I was pondering such matters that i became aware of a polish scientist who had found graphene and self-assembling nanoparticles, just like the others

but, alas, he also found some heretofore unknown quasi-life form which Dr. Franc Zalewski dubbed

“the thing” (click here) (ciick here) (click here)

(click here)

not only was it some kind of three-legged octopus, but it appeared to be replicating itself

it was laying what appeared to be little eggs

this doctor was quite freaked out, such that he made an immediate report of his findings to his colleagues, which presentation he videotaped and provided with english subtitles

as vaccine deaths began to multiply, quite disproportionately, when compared with prior experiences, several blood analysts stepped forward to appear on the stew peter’s show


Dr. Zandre Botha (click here)

and the other, one

Dr. Jane Ruby (click here) (click here)

both have extensive experience doing blood analysis

both were able to produce numerous photos documenting the blood clotting caused by these clot shots, including red blood cell deformation, and with many red blood cells sticking to one another such that they become “stacked” upon one another

far more alarming than this, however, is the fact that there were numerous self-assembling rings, which were seemingly coming out of nowhere, but were doing a great job of blocking the tiny little capillaries in the capillary beds, where all gaseous exchange and nutrient exchange are supposed to be taking place

what a strange bunch of stuff, I am thinking to myself

“what have I stumbled upon ?”

I was musing to myself

what can this all mean?

why would anyone want to do such things?



and trace ?



excerpt from covid 19 journal, vol 3