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my, we have come a long way since spring of 2020 when this manufactured mass hysteria over the seasonal flu began

starting with v.p. pence's 15 days to flatten the curve, and from there leading directly to to rahm emmanuel's never let a good crisis go to waste

the book FASCISM IN ACTION, published in 1947, provided a comparative list, showing what fascism and communism, and nazism hold in common

this list actually describes what all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes hold in common



take a good look around you

it is on every side



1. the wiping out of all independent trade-unionism with the result that those trade-unions which are permitted, exist only under the tolerance of the totalitarian state, to serve as its servile adjuncts

2. the elimination of political parties except the ruling Nazi, Fascist, or Communist Party

3. the subordination of all economic and social life to the strict control of the ruling, single-party bureaucracy

4. the suppression of individual initiative, and the liquidation of the system of free enterprise, and a tendency toward government control of supercartels

5. the abolition of the right to freedom of speech, press, assembly, and religious worship

6. the reduction of wages and, in the case of communism, living standards

7. the use of slave labor on a vast scale and the establishment of concentration camps

8. the abolition of the right to trial by jury, habeas corpus, the right to independent defense counsel, and the innocence of the defendant until proven guilty

9. the glorification of a single Leader or Fuehrer or Duce, who is all-powerful and subject neither to criticism nor removal through the ballot

10. the utilization of a special form of social demagogy, for example incitement of race against race and class against class — the elimination of all opposition, and the concentration of power into the hands of the ruling dictatorship

11. the subordination of all economic and social life and the everyday needs of the population to the requirements of an expanding military machine seeking world conquest

12. the establishment of a system of nation-wide espionage to which the entire population is subject

13. the severance of social, cultural, and economic contact between the people of the totalitarian state and those of other countries, through a rigorous press and radio censorship, travel restrictions, etc.

14. the open disregard for the rights of other nations and the sanctity of treaties

15. the maintenance and encouragement of fifth columns abroad

16. The reduction of parliamentary bodies to a rubber-stamp status automatically approving all decisions of the one-party dictatorship and the omnipotent leader